I went thru my downs

Devastating and ungracious falls

And when I needed a friend,

The only things in my corner

Were drugs and alcohol

When I needed you the most

You failed me, you weren’t there

You broke my heart, left me distraught

Alone I remained

Vulnerable and scared

By: Mayra ‘MAC’ C.


Time and I

In a trance waiting, calmly waiting

As the watch on my hands ticks

While the people around me walk,

chat, yell, laugh, cry, or simply smile

Im waiting, still waiting

not for luck nor chance

or for life to say a loud hello,

But just waiting, waiting along

Along with time by my side

To make sure that it is not wasted

To assure myself and time

That neither of us are taking each other

for granted

And whatever time is shared between us

Is exactly what we wanted

By: Mayra ‘MAC’ C.

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The Summer of Love


It has been such an amazing summer

The season ends with a beautiful sunset

Such a display of warm colors

Ready to go further in this journey

Together they will discover

Expressing their genuine love

Being loyal partners

Through the good times

And bad troubles

Keeping their passion burning

More than just lovers

They were meant for each other

She will love him

And he will love her

From fall to winter

Till the next summer

Their love story will continue

And so it will be for many years

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Afrodisiacos somos, tu y yo

Nada de substancias

Es solamente el calor

Que arde, que nos quema

Que nos hace perder el control

Afrodisiacos somos, tu y yo

Nadie podra entender nuestro ardor

Como un desfile de tambores musicales

Que causan un temblor de pura sensacion

Afrodisiacos somos, tu y yo

Enredados entre nuestras fantasias

Devorando nuestros cuerpos enteros

Tras noche y dia

Afrodisiacos somos, tu y yo

Causando tremenda turbulencia

Con los gemidos de nuestra pasion

Sin tomar el mundo encuenta

Afrodisiacos somos, tu y yo

En nuestro mundo sensual

Viviendo felizmente

Gozando sin limites nuestra vida sexual

By: Mayra ‘MAC’ C.

The Ghosts Of My Past

The ghosts of my past
Are the ghosts of men
Who have left an imprint in my heart
In many different ways
Some extremely good
Some horribly bad
But with every birth and death
Of every relationship I have encountered
My heart learned its ways to survive
In this battle of love and conquer
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.

Me Rio…

Me rio sola
Me rio contigo
Me rio con un extraño
Me rio con el vecino
Me rio por todo
Me rio por que puedo
Me rio por que quiero
Me rio para alegrame la vida
Por que es el mejor remedio
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.

In Love With Love

I always was a hopeless romantic. But that void was filled one day when love finally decided it was time to meet me. I actually got it, I had it, and I almost lost it. Time will take its course as the pain slowly diminishes and trust begins to grow. After all, I am a hopeless romantic and my hope for love still remains. For my dear love is still here, it was always here, it had never left.

Mayra ‘MAC’ C.