The Thought of Us

The thought of us
It crosses my mind
But it is all in my head
For there is no you and I

The thought of us
Such thrilling and erotic ride
That's what it could be
But its just a thought
For there is no you and I

The thought of us
Out utopia, never ending
All about us, one of a kind
But the sad reality is
There is no you and I
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.

Our Crossroads Met

Our crossroads were well timed
An instant connection, one of a kind
Unique pair that was well designed
Such respect and loyalty
That was our state of mind

Lately is nothing but confusion
Walls full of unbreathable pollution
nothing but false illusions
Same problems, no solutions

Moments of close insanity
Too much chaos, not enough clarity
Bound to loose our integrity
If we don't handle this rapidly

Our love is not just true
It goes beyond, it's solid, it's pure
Moments of casualties that we can endure
With given time our love will blossom and mature

Together we will conquer all
Not giving up, no time to loose
Lets embark on our journey
As soul mates that we are
On this grand life and love tour
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.

Brown Nose Snakes

In this field of snakes
Is all play pretend
Fake smiles, fake hello's
Fake everything
Double faced
Such an expert
Very well played

Being extra with the nice card and boo hoo's
Man, you are just extra with everything you do
Closet shit talker, pot stirrer
Acting dumb since you are multi talented boo
Delightfully adorn with a brown nose too
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.

It Wasn’t Too Late

Relationship Abuse

For years, I used to be afraid
Filled with guilt and shame
I just couldn't comprehend
And to talk about it just made no sense
For I never saw myself going thru such dismay
Almost five years of unbearable emotional pain

Beatings that caught me off guard
That didn't seem to go away
Slaps were no longer enough
Now I am being dragged down the hallway
Daily night struggles as we argue
With chunks of hair being pulled out of my head

Saying sorry and starting over
Just became the way
Praying for things to get better
Didn't want this hell everyday

The good times began to fade away
They no longer mattered
For the worse was yet to come
To destroy everything
And that day sure came
I remember it like it was yesterday

The weather was cold and wet
Clouds of different shades of gray
An argument escalated and got out of hand
He committed foul play
A sucker punch was given
Black and swollen is how my eye remained

But nothing compared to the shame
It killed me inside
To have to see my mother the next day
With him next to me
Not knowing what to say or how to explain
Having to lie to her
Broke my heart in so many ways

Yet, I remained positive
And began to reach out for my faith
Indeed I began to pray
I prayed for strength
For one day to be able to walk away
But fear had a grip on me
I was stuck in this place

This person who I loved
Who I thought I knew
Slowly began to decay
And I began to rot the longer I stayed
I was just completely drained
Mentally, emotionally, physically
I felt nothing, I was dead

But enough was enough
I decided to be brave
And speak up against my demons
That I kept locked away
Such freedom that I felt
I have no words to explain
It just felt good to release
All that was eating me away

And for that remaining year
I continued to pray
For the man above to give me a sign
Telling him I will not hesitate
And be courageous enough to finally say
I've had enough, I can no longer stay

And that's exactly what happened
A sign came my way
Didn't think twice
Packed my bags, called my mom
And she was here the next day

But my heart ached with pain
To leave a family that displayed
Nothing but love and warmth towards me
That made me feel at home everyday
But us being together wasn't healthy
We had to part our ways

Now this part of my story
Has come to an end
And experience of a lifetime
With an uneven balance of good and bad days

I don't hate hit, karma will have her way
I forgave him for me
To finally release the dead weight
And with time and patience
My days got brighter as they came

I no longer feel ashamed
I feel proud of myself
For recognizing my wrongdoings
But mainly for speaking up
And telling my family and friends

I most admire myself for being brave
To have been able to walk away
And not have my life story end
With such a phrase saying
It was just too late
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.



We Can’t Be

I wish that I can lie to you
And tell you that
You and I, we can be
That “us” is something that can happen
But is too big of a lie
A hurtful decision
That I cannot allow myself to live with
I want to love you
I want you to love me
I want our feelings to intertwine
And to make love emotionally
But it breaks my heart to admit
That a beautiful love
That can grow between you and me
Just simply cant be
By: Mayra ‘MAC’ C.

Good tunes in the background
Sultry place, sexy crowd
Surrounded by smoky clouds
Such an entertaining night
Cheers to continuous rounds

The night progresses
Endless convos
Non stop dancing
As an attraction, a spark
Even sexual tension commences

Going around in circles
The sparks are there
Enough with the flirting
Its becoming redundant
Its getting hard to focus
The atmosphere, mainly you
Have taken me hostage

Its obvious, we both notice
We can tell what is happening
We want each other badly
The devour one another
Lips wet, we both are hungry
Lets get out of here
And you and I baby
We are going to act on it
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.