Antes que llegaras a mi vida
Me sentia cansada, agotada
Le lloraba mil lagrimas
A mi fiel almohada
La unica que sentia mi dolor
La que tras noche me escuchaba
Mi fe en el amor fue defraudada
Di mi corazon y tal asi fui engañada
Esa fe que casi perdi
Que por poco fue arruinada
Se fue regresando a mi
Un amor diferente se transformaba
Ya no siento el frio de la noche
Me siento menos abandonada
Mi corazon palpita por ti
Estoy endulzada
Estoy enamorada
A tu lado querido
Me siento afortunada
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.

Your Weapon, My Weakness

Round of applause
To my sweet charmer
This is your introduction
This is where you come in
Unexplainable, yet beautiful feelings
Were growing between you and me
My heart for you
Took big leaps
Loving and caring beats
Deep passion in the sheets
We were an item
Hard to upkeep
Lies covered in charm
Your weapon, my weakness
You blinded me
From seeing the real you
And the wrongs from this love piece

Our hell was escaping
Our chaos was no longer discreet
But I reacted too late
And time got the best of me
Listen to the flat line
That's my new heartbeat
I have a new home
Thanks to you
Its six feet deep

I wanted to love deep
I wanted a love that was mine
That I could forever keep
But it wasn't your love
It was you
Who killed me
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.

Tomar Riesgos

Si revelo lo que siento
Me miraras igual
Me rechazarias
O te atreverias
A darnos una oportunidad
Tomar riesgos
Sin saber a donde vamos a llegar
No se si es mejor
Quedarme callada
Y no actuar
Pero no me atevo
Y ya no quiero
Estar a tu lado otro dia mas
Sin decirte como tu presencia
Hace mi corazon palpitar
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.


Why did we meet?
I don't know why
It has been some years now
I know I want to
And I thing I'm ready
To open the door
Yes, I am scared
But I want to explore
This curiosity of mine
I can't ignore
It knows what it wants
And with you it wants more
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.

Incomparable High

Is just you and I
An endless road
Endless ride
Surrounded by beautiful greens
And true love by our side
Lovers in love
Incomparable high
Light up another one
Don't ruin the ride
Put it on autopilot
And lets just fly
Majestic ocean sights
Colors so divine
Beautiful sunset
Decorates the sky
On blunt number five
Laugh after laugh
Tears are drowning
Our glossy eyes
Oh what a rush
What a drive
Is just us
Traveling the world
Enjoying life
Blessed to have met
Blessings in disguise

Don't know if its the weed
Or the brownies buttered up in THC
But who cares
Cheers to us
Cheers to another trip
To continuous growth and loving memories
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.

Our Appetite

Shadows of the night
Bodies unite
Silhouettes in love
As they come to light
We keep our distance
Trying to be polite
Don't want to ignite
Our burning desires
That are ready to take flight
Baby, lets sit upright
Very close, very tight
Hungry and starving
You and I
Before we indulge in our dessert
Let's feed our appetite
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.