Your Weapon, My Weakness

Round of applause
To my sweet charmer
This is your introduction
This is where you come in
Unexplainable, yet beautiful feelings
Were growing between you and me
My heart for you
Took big leaps
Loving and caring beats
Deep passion in the sheets
We were an item
Hard to upkeep
Lies covered in charm
Your weapon, my weakness
You blinded me
From seeing the real you
And the wrongs from this love piece

Our hell was escaping
Our chaos was no longer discreet
But I reacted too late
And time got the best of me
Listen to the flat line
That's my new heartbeat
I have a new home
Thanks to you
Its six feet deep

I wanted to love deep
I wanted a love that was mine
That I could forever keep
But it wasn't your love
It was you
Who killed me
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.

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