Take Control

Stop the whining
the crying, the complaining
Stop giving yourself the same script
Its not entertaining
No one is after you
You are far from being the victim
This is all part of your creation
You have created your own sickness
Is not bad luck, fate,
Or simply a bad day
Its the energy that you dispatched
And the universe brought it your way
Think, inhale, exhale, give, and want good
Want it with all your might
Take ownership of your negativity
Take control of your life
By: Mayra C.

For The Last Time

Sorry if I seem oblivious
Or a little distant
But the line between us
Is so thick, beyond repair
If you can ignore it
You must be delirious

One, three, six
How many shots
How may drinks
Did we take to get to that level
Where everything seems fixed

Why are we still here
We already tried, we really did
We cant make this all disappear
The hurt, the wounds
All too deep
Too much damage to heal

I sit staring at you
Tears streaming down my cheeks
As my cigarette burns
Contemplating my next move
Regarding us, specially you
There are no more over do's

I wipe my tears away
I grab my shit, its time to go
In our drunken sleep
Such a devil but yet so sweet
For the last time being
I kiss your lips

The door to us is shut
It is time to depart
Time for a fresh start
For even though you had me
It was for the last time
For you are no longer what I want
By: Mayra 'MAC' C

I’m Nobody with You

I know that I am somebody
But the more I am with you
I feel like I am becoming nobody
Such coldness that I feel
It radiates from your body
Heartless, selfish, uncaring creature
Lured by a mirage of love
Being weak and vulnerable
In search of love in anyone
My heart no longer beats
Life has stopped flowing through its vein
It has become numb and cold like you
I  am finally free of this misery
I no longer feel pain
By: Mayra C.