As I lay awake next to your inviting silhouette
Uncertainty and fear lay on the other side
My mind is trying to process what just happened
Uncertain, unclear as to how and why
The night was not a blur
It was clear as your presence
You made sure to stay close by
We both felt it
Our hearts loud and nervously beating
Fear and excitement were taking over our beings
To an unknown and powerful feeling
So scared to know
To give
To have
To feel
To love
To fall so deep down
With our hearts so deep in love
Belonging to each other
Together as one
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.

En Este Dia

Sin razon
Sin motivo
Sin querer
En este lindo dia de verano
Te volvi a ver
Pero mi corazon no sonrio de felicidad
Lloro de tristeza y dolor
Porque esa imagen que vi
Llena de ternura y amor
En un tiempo esa imagen
Eramos tu y yo

Se siente entre ambos
Nuestra energia
Nuestros rostros
Nos vemos a los ojos
Y con la pura mirada
En este dia que paso
Sin querer
Sin motivo
Sin razon
Nos decimos el ultimo adios
Mientras tu sigues tu camino
Igual yo, sin darme por vencida
De otra vez sentir el amor
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.

Algun Dia

Me puedo dar por vencida
Sin tomar ningun riesgo
Y por siempre quedarme prisionera
De mis propios temores
Pero el amor que tengo
Que quiero compartir
Y quiero sentir
Es muy profundo
Muy fuerte
Me quita el miedo
Me da la fuerza
Me da la esperanza
De que algun dia
A mi amor propio
Le dire mil veces te quiero
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.


Era la luna llena, noche de locos
Un momento, una pausa
Tu mirada, tus ojos
Simple y cautivante con causa
Caricias tiernas
Besos que endulzaban
Conversaciones eternas
Las conexiones se formaban
El riesgo no fue encontrarte
Fue la decision al quedarme
Mi corazon palpitaba fuera de control
La adrenalina,tremenda emocion
El miedo al entregarme
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.


De Ti

De ti aprendi a querer, a vivir
De ti senti el dolor, la soledad
Querer no existir
De si senti la pasion, el calor
Ternura con ardor
De ti senti el fuego
Senti el dolor que me quemo
Sin tener piedad de mi
Sin nunca saber la razon
By: Mayra 'MAC' C.

We Tried, We Lost

I know we are far from perfect
But this isn’t working
We lost all respect
Pain is all we inflict
Our hearts no longer connect
Our wounds are too deep
A love that we tried to protect
Was shattered and murdered
And we were to blame
We were the main suspects
This situation is starting to take effect
We need time away from each other
We need time to recollect and reflect
By: Mayra ‘MAC’ C.


Take Control

Stop the whining
the crying, the complaining
Stop giving yourself the same script
Its not entertaining
No one is after you
You are far from being the victim
This is all part of your creation
You have created your own sickness
Is not bad luck, fate,
Or simply a bad day
Its the energy that you dispatched
And the universe brought it your way
Think, inhale, exhale, give, and want good
Want it with all your might
Take ownership of your negativity
Take control of your life
By: Mayra C.

For The Last Time

Sorry if I seem oblivious
Or a little distant
But the line between us
Is so thick, beyond repair
If you can ignore it
You must be delirious

One, three, six
How many shots
How may drinks
Did we take to get to that level
Where everything seems fixed

Why are we still here
We already tried, we really did
We cant make this all disappear
The hurt, the wounds
All too deep
Too much damage to heal

I sit staring at you
Tears streaming down my cheeks
As my cigarette burns
Contemplating my next move
Regarding us, specially you
There are no more over do's

I wipe my tears away
I grab my shit, its time to go
In our drunken sleep
Such a devil but yet so sweet
For the last time being
I kiss your lips

The door to us is shut
It is time to depart
Time for a fresh start
For even though you had me
It was for the last time
For you are no longer what I want
By: Mayra 'MAC' C